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Asthma Home Visiting Program

Program Launch - May 5, 2007

Lisa A. Gilmore, NCAC

John Butler, EPA

David Jefferson, UDC

Dr. Connie M. Webster, UDC

The National Capital Asthma Coalition (NCAC) partnered with University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Nursing and Allied Health Respiratory Program and UDC Cooperative Extension Service to deliver an in-home asthma education and environmental management program in low-income households in DC. The program conducts workshops and in-home environmental and educational interventions to help low-income individuals and families to reduce their exposure to dust mites, tobacco smoke, and other common asthma triggers, and to use a written asthma action plan to manage their asthma. The program also connects residents to appropriate clinical and social resources.

NCAC Asthma Home Visits Report (PDF: 316 KB/19 pages)

EPA Press Brief 5/5/07 (PDF: 35 KB/2 pages) NCAC and UDC team up on home asthma and integrated pest management project.

Flyer - Potomac Gardens Community Day 5/5/07 (PDF: 315 KB/1 page)

EPA Asthma Home Environment Checklist (PDF: 260 KB/8 pages)

Study Design:

This program explores the concept that by addressing environmental factors at home through relatively inexpensive, uncomplicated interventions, the quality of participants’ lives can be enhanced, and over time, participants with asthma can experience improved asthma control. Projected outcomes include improved quality of life and reduced emergency and inpatient care as well as lessons learned and recommendations for sustainability.

Program Launch:

On May 5, 2007, NCAC co-hosted the First Annual Potomac Gardens Community Day attended by more than 200 public housing residents in southeast DC (Ward 6) in alliance with the Potomac Gardens Resident Councils, DC Housing Authority, DC Department of Health, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Cooperative Extension Service, and UDC Nursing and Allied Health Respiratory Program. The event launched our coalition's asthma and environmental home visiting program. We also thank our coalition partners who helped to make the health fair hosted at the event a success, including Georgetown University Hospital/MedStarHealth’s KIDS Mobile Medical Clinic (which has provided medical care to Potomac Gardens families for more seven years), CVS/pharmacy, Howard University College of Medicine (asthma screenings), Coalition for Environmentally Safe Communities, UDC’s Department of Nursing and Allied Health Respiratory Therapy Program, National Children’s Museum, AMERIGROUP District of Columbia, Chartered Health Plan, Inc., Health Right, Inc., Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc., Environmental Justice students from The George Washington University, Community Action Group, and Metro TeenAIDS, among other health and social service providers.


The start-up of this program was funded wholly, or in part, by the Government of the District of Columbia, Department of Health, Community Health Administration, District of Columbia Control Asthma Now (DC CAN) Program, 825 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002, (202) 442-5925, www.doh.dc.gov.

For more information about asthma and the environment:




HUD's Asthma Awareness: Characteristics of a Healthy Home fact sheet



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