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A+ LIFE© (Asthma Learning is For Everyone)©:  A Family Centered Program


A+ LIFE Instructions (PDF: 618 KB/24 pages)

A+ LIFE Activity Signs - English (PDF: 340 KB/10 pages)

A+ LIFE Activity Signs - Spanish (PDF: 339 KB/10 pages)


Our goal is to empower children and their families to control asthma and its symptoms by building their asthma knowledge and skills in a fun, interactive setting. A+ LIFE© is not a validated program, but it provides opportunities for hands-on learning about asthma and encourages children and their parents/guardians to feel more comfortable talking about asthma with each other and with school staff and healthcare providers.

How to Use A+ LIFE©

Pick and choose from among the activities listed in the A+ LIFE Instructions. They may be presented as part of a two-hour education program or individually at parent-teacher conferences, school assemblies, health fairs, and other places where students, families, and school staff come together. Some of the activities involve the entire group and other activities are done at separate tables or stations so the children and adults can move at their own pace. You also may download 8½" x 11" display signs for each of the activities in English and in Spanish.


Included in the A+ LIFE© Instructions is a Pre/Post Program Evaluation form (in English and Spanish) which includes questions on the participant's knowledge of basic concepts presented during the program session.

A Non-Traditional Approach

The District’s four Medicaid managed care organizations (AMERIGROUP, DC Chartered Health Plan, Inc., Health Right, Inc., and Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc.), National Capital Area Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE-NCA), National Children’s Museum (NCM), and National Capital Asthma Coalition (NCAC) developed A+ LIFE to break down barriers to asthma management for children with asthma and their families. Families engage in fun, interactive group activities to learn about asthma, including how it feels to have asthma and how to recognize asthma symptoms and triggers. Learning stations reinforce these lessons with additional hands-on activities and one-on-one interaction and instruction to build specific asthma self-management skills. 

Key Benefits


Engages entire family in asthma education


Provides fun, relaxed atmosphere


Reduces isolation among families dealing with asthma

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